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I am a father, a husband and a proud Veteran of two military branches. I served in both the US Navy and US Army. One of the biggest lessons

I learned during my time serving was, the human spirit has endless potential in all life’s stages. I am forever grateful to every instructor and leader that helped me learn that lesson about myself, and to see how it is in others.


Your Custom Fitness knows that everyone’s fitness journey is unique, we believe your equipment should tell that story.
YCF’s mission is to bring innovation, quality and customization to your fitness equipment.
All the products in the fitness market have kept the same looks and feels since they’ve been introduced, with very little changes.
Wouldn’t you want products that you trust, can’t get anywhere else and let’s you bring your own customized style?


The YCF Pro mat is a fitness/yoga mat consisting of a memory foam headpiece attachment and artificial grass turf. My Fitness Mat is made of TPE (eco friendly, biodegradable rubber). We’ve developed a product that:

  • That helps prevent more neck and pain

  • Eliminates slipping

  • It’s Mommy Approved

  • Adjustable to fit your needs

It is the mat you never knew you needed!

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